Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The Patriot War of 1838-- Part 2: The "Hunter's Lodge" Gets Organized

Participants in the war were  a secret organization known as the "Hunter's Lodge" formed in the United States in sympathy to the 1837 rebellions in Upper and Lower Canada.It arose in Vermont among Lower Canada refugees and spread westward under the direction of of Dr. Charles Duncombe, William  Lyon Mackenzie and Donald McLeod.

They formed the Republic of Canada and headquartered at Navy Island, but were bombarded by the British and retreated to Buffalo, New York, where they were seized by U.S. forces and sentenced to 18 months for violating the neutrality between Britain and the U.S..

On December 7, 1837, the initial rebellion in Upper Canada ended at the Battle of Montgomery's Tavern at which time many of the rebels fled to the U.S..  Two days before the battle, a group of 13 had organized in Buffalo to support the rebels.

Rensselaer van Rensselaer, a West Point graduate and who had fought alongside Bolivar in South America, became the head of the Patriot military forces.  (I am not sure this is a correct name.)  They occupied Navy Island, in Canadian waters.  During the month of December much work was done getting supporters and soon they had 500 men.


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