Saturday, February 2, 2013

1812 Mill Stone Rededicated-- Part 2

The Christian Zavitz Mill was built in 1790 on the northeast side of the Eagle Marsh Drain and shut down operations sometime in 1834.  All evidence of its existence is long gone as the mill was torn down in the 1880s.  That is, except for the mill stone.

The mill housed British and Canadian forces in the Sugarloaf settlement (now Port Colborne).

On October 28, 1814, American soldier John Dixon, retreating back to Buffalo after a skirmish in Norfolk where British and Canadian soldiers were killed, was shot by militia guard while trying to raid a store for guns near Zavitz Mill.

It was the last shot fired in the peninsula during the war...and the last death.  Dixon did make it back to Buffalo before dying from his wound.

Just a Little Aspect of the War.  --Brock-Perry

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