Friday, August 10, 2018

Other War of 1812 Monuments in Baltimore-- Part 2: Bomb and Rack Monument

**  The War of 1812 Bomb and Rack monument displays a shot fire from a British fleet that landed inside Fort McHenry during the bombardment.

On Redwood Street.  The bomb was found inside of Fort McHenry after the bombardment,  An officer retained it as a souvenir and eventually gifted it to iron merchant Michael Keyser who later gifted it to city.

The monument was dedicated in 1963 and was knocked over  during the Great Fire of 1904, and rededicated in 1906,  It sits at about the location of the Keyser building.

The rack, where the bomb sits, was used extensively to bend iron bars for Conestoga Wagons which were used extensively during the wagon train era.


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