Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Harrison Takes Charge in Ohio (1812)-- Part 3: Siege of Fort Meigs

A good defensive spot, Harrison believed, would be at the point where the first set of rapids on the Maumee River would force ships to stop and unload.  Here, near present day Perrysburg, he determined to build Fort Meigs.

Construction on the fort began in the late winter of 1813 and weather conditions were horrible, but the fort was completed in just three months.  And that was just in time.

The fort was designed for defense and as a major supply area for the proposed invasion of Canada.  Because of its large size, the interior of the fort was constructed to protect men and supplies from bombardment.  As it turned out, this was a good thing.

The fort was attacked by British forces almost immediately.  On May 1, 1813,  British forces under General Proctor came down the Maumee River and took up position across the river from the fort.  Despite a few successes, they were never able to dislodge the Americans from the fort before additional American forces arrived.

The siege of Fort Meigs lasted four days.

Tecumseh and his Indians could not understand why the British withdrew so quickly   Even more puzzling was why they were to remain opposite Fort Meigs while the British left to flank the Americans there by coming down the Sanduskey River.


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