Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Stephen Champlin-- Part 6: At York and Fort George

Stephen Champlin was appointed to the rank of sailing master on May 22, 1812; lieutenant on December 9, 1814; commander on June 22, 1838; captain on August 4, 1840 and commodore on April 4, 1867.

He was sent by Perry to the Great Lakes in 1813, in advance of Perry's main force.  Champlin left with 42 men and 2 officers and traveled by land from Albany, N.Y. to Sacketts Harbor on Lake Erie.  During the winter, he and his men fitted out the schooner Asp in preparation for an attack on Little York (Toronto) during which he was second in command.

After York, he took part in the Battle of Fort George.

After this, Perry ordered Champlin to Boston to try to secure men from the Bainbridge.  Upon return to Sackets Harbor, Chauncey asked him to go to Utica, NY, and collect a $36,000 draft and pay Mr. Van Rensselaer and return with the balance.

Two days after returning to Sackets Harbor, Chauncey ordered him to report to Perry with 3 officers and 71 men at Erie, Pennsylvania.

--Busy Guy.  --Brock-Perry

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