Monday, August 7, 2017

The Encampment Called Greene Ville-- Part 2: Battle of Fallen Timbers and Treaty of Greenville

The camp (well, Fort Greenville) had a double two of cabins within the walls and each corner had a defensive bulwark.  In addition, there was a blockhouse in the central wall on each side  There were eight redoubts, each with blockhouses.  A strong fortification indeed.

This was General Wayne's winter encampment 1793-1794.  In the spring of 1794, he led his troops to what is now Toledo and fought the Indians at the Battle of Fallen Timbers.  In the summer of 1795, the Indians cam,e to Wayne and there signed the Treaty of Green Ville which became known as the Treaty of Greenville.

This ended what was known as the Northwest Indian War and is considered the beginning of modern Ohio history.

In addition, it established the Greenville Treaty Line, which was the boundary between Indian and American lands.  It also gave the U.S. government a lot of control over the Indians.

--Not a Good Treaty for the Indians.  --Brock-Perry

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